Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why It's OK to Kindle

I am, admittedly, slow to embrace technology.  I never owned a Discman. I swore the DVD player would NEVER replace the VCR. I still don't have a smart phone.  So, you won't be shocked to learn that I'm not pro-Kindle. As a bit of a bibliophile I find electronic reading, in theory, a disservice to books. How do you underline your favorite parts?

When recently I couldn't immediately check out a book I was dying to read from the library or buy it at a bookstore without ordering it, I went all 2011 on myself and downloaded the book to Dan's  iPad. Instant gratification, but....

I hated it. Not the book, but the electronic reading experience. It's simply not the same. Unlike the DVR or a smart phone, it's NOT better than the old fashion way. Like a small  group of other book apologists, I swore it off forever.

Until this morning - when I read Levi Johnston was going to write a Palin tell-all. Well, y'all know I can't resist memoirs.

I will submit some pretty frivolous book requests for borrow from the Library of Congress (Wait list for Sweet Valley Confidential? I'm on it!) and I will buy from the Barnes & Noble some pretty cheesey titles (here's looking at you, Tori Spelling) but at some point one has to have a little shame.

On a Kindle or an iPad, one can purchase and read things that lack even the slightest bit of intellectual merit, and no one is ever the wiser. If you see me glaring like A Deer in the Headlights into some electronic reader, despite having sworn I'd never do it again....well, now you'll know why.



Dee Stephens said...

HA! you are too funny. No smart phone but you have an IPAD?! Are you able to read blogs on the Ipad? I heard blogger sucks for it. If not..email and I'll tell my other bloggy friend.
Also, the Levi book...total guilty pleasure.
I read Kato Kaelin's book and Amber Frey.HA!

I Do Declare said...

I can't use Blogger on iPad, no! The iPad is only good for checking email, facebook, reading the web. And trashy memoirs! I don't really love the iPad too much either - though it's SO hard to put down for interneting when it's RIGHT there.

Hines-Sight said...

So funny! Got a chuckle out of Tori Spelling thing. Some time last year, I caught her reality show, and it was a marathon. I sat there for hours watching it....then recorded it. I did not follow the next season though. So funny.


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