Wednesday, April 20, 2011

In Sunshine and in Shade

A real friend will walk with you through the rain....

For three years our friends Kim and Dave have hosted a golf tournament to raise money for the Menkes Foundation, and to celebrate Ben, their own little Menkes miracle.

Dave, Kim + Ben

Dan always plays in Ben's tournament {aka, Pennies From Heaven} and I always volunteer for a job that ensures I will be warm and dry. Selfless, I know.

Every year more money is raised, and every year the weather....well, it truly just gets worse and worse!

This year, it was a monsoon out there, so yes, a lot of people canceled. Despite the gray sky, however, nearly 80 people hit the soggy greens.

In a way, the weather was a real bummer. Dave and Kim put a ton of their own money and a crazy amount of time in to this day.

Still, the rain proved pretty amusing, as everyone started out the day already soaked...

 and returned still smiling....

I am a sappy goober, so all day long I kept thinking about that cheesey quote you've probably seen on a greeting card that goes We've been friends in sunshine and in shade...

Dan + Dave = BFF

...and then the downpour made an already special day all the more heartwarming.

So many people gave up a Saturday that begged to be spent on a dry, warm couch, to support a cause and a family...and a happy, healthy boy.

Ben and his caddies grandmothers

Clearly I'm biased {having never left the shelter of the clubhouse} but...I think all that makes for perfect golf weather.



Dee Stephens said...

True friendship!

Kori said...

That is real friendship! Love the photos! Have a fantastic Wednesday sweetheart! Kori xoxo

Hines-Sight said...

What a heartwarming story. What a great memory for Wesley. too. Such a tragedy. As a parent, I feel their pain. Wesley was born a month before my son. What a great tribute, and I was not aware of that disease.

Tricia said...

Rain is good luck! I love that people still came out and supported your friends. I'm sure the rain just made for fun stories. I love it! :)


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