Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Movies in May!

It's no secret that when it comes to cliched, chick-flick romantic comedies, I buy my tickets well in advance, and show up to the theather on opening night, usually with a gaggle of my best friends.

I know it's barely March, but in the last week or two, I've seen trailors for two movies, opening in May, that are topping my Must See list:


Not counting my own, I've been in 20 weddings. That's right, TWENTY.  Something tells me I will relate to this movie!  The trailor looks hysterical and taps in, allbeit a tad dramatically, on the honor (and D-rama!) of being in someone's bridal party. How could this movie not be good - cast members from SNL, The Office...and a shirtless Jon Hamm???

If I theme a girls' night around this movie it will involve a "shower" and require guests to wear their favorite bridesmaid dress to the theater. And don't think I won't do it....

Something Borrowed

In not one of the weddings where I served as a bridesmaid did I ever steal the groom. Rachel, the lead character in Something Borrowed, can't say the same...

Even if you haven't yet read Emily Giffin's book Something Borrowed, the story of a friend, er, stealing back borrowing her best friend's fiance, the trailor promises for a fun movie, if for nothing more than to look at the fashion porn Kate Hudson's character, Darcy, flaunts.

Are you excited about any Spring/Summer movies?



Dee Stephens said...

20 weddings!HOLY BRIDESMAID! In the past few years I've told people not to worry about asking me if they have too many.
I didn't even have bridesmaids b/c of the hassle. People have kids and are over having to buy dresses that they will give to Goodwill.

Lorin Drinkard said...

Goodness. I agree with Dee - 20 is a lot of weddings! I'll be a 'maid for the first time this weekend. Hopefully it's less dramatic than the Bridesmaids movie looks. *Fingers crossed.*


Sarah Beth - Dixie Gator Gal said...

Oh girl, a themed movie night is a MUST! I would like to participate and have a few bridesmaid dresses in mind-hummm hot pink or lime green-that is the question... Please include me in the planning and on the invite list-I'm so excited!

Kris said...

I had not seen previews for either of those movies. They are both on my list now!!

The Southland Life said...

Oh - just watched the preview for bridesmaids!!! hysterical!!! can't waaaiit to see that! lovin' that black bridesmaid dress - tres chic!


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