Thursday, February 24, 2011

Done with Mr. W: A Disclaimer

Back when I began this blog, I thought I could remain least to those who don't know me in real life. That's why I didn't put my name in the "about me" section, and when refering to my monogamist, I called him not by his real name, but Mr. W.

My name is pretty unqiue, so in fear of Dateline Predators and all others sick + twisted, I aimed to maintain some level of privacy to accomany the personal sharings of things like what I eat for dinner and what kind of deo I wear.

Over time, though, friends unaware of my secret identity plan would leave comments calling the Mister and I by our names. Then I gave way and posted things like Christmas cards or place cards with our names on then.

Through out it all, when talking about the husband it seemed very unnatural and not-in-my-voice to call him  "Mr. W"...because, well, I never have and never do. So, I won't be doing it anymore. Mr. W's name, as you likely know, is Dan, and that is what, henceforth, he shall be called.



Dee Stephens said...

Nice! Dan's a cutie! Happy weekend!

Cassie said...

I shall call him YBFFH!


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