Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rub You The Right Way!

If you serve chicken AT LEAST once a week, then this post is for you....

Now, the men who grill in my family are a tad ambitious when it comes to the seasoning of their dishes.

Mr. W makes his own rub for beef jerky which he drys and makes all by himself. 

My dad is a master on the grill, and won't begin to tell the secret of his spices for the meats he slow-cooks.

Big Dave's Famous Wings

As for me...well, I have no shame. Mrs Dash? Sure! Generic brand seasoning? I've done it. I like to get fancy when there's time or if the occassion is special, but for weeknight meals, I want healthy (ish), quick and easy!

I stumbled recently upon these seasonings from McCormicks - a Maryland-based company if you didn't know...

They may have been in your spice cabinet for years, but these new-to-me gems have changed the game in my weeknight cooking.  Sprinkle a little (or a lot! ) of Applewood Rub or Smokehouse Maple on some chicken or pork just minutes from tossing the meats in the oven to bake, and suddenly your "chicken, again!" suppers have new flavor!

Don't tell Daddy or Mr. W, but I can't taste too much difference in their homemade rubs compared to these I bought at the grocery!

Happy Cooking!


1 comment:

Dee Stephens said...

The only thing about grill mate anything is that it's LOADED with sodium!
I prefer salt-free Tony's :)


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