Saturday, December 4, 2010

Oh, How the Mighty Have Fallen

Remember just a few posts back when I bragged about how I had my home all tidy?  Here's a peak at my sofa right now, littered with last week's laundry.

It was folded all nicely on the bench/coffee table, but well, last night we had to have a place to eat our take-out Longhorn Steakhouse Friday night 'burb dinner, so to the couch it went. Yes, taking it upstairs right then and there would have been too much.

A few thoughts (other than Ha. Haa. HAAAAA!) come to mind:
  • Martha hates me.
  •  I hope no one knocks unexpectedly (unless it's the UPS man brining presents I've ordered) this weekend for a visit.
  • I hope my Spanx are somewhere in that pile 'cause I'll be needing them all weekend.
  • You're laughing at Longhorn, aren't you? It's the 'burbs people...that's how we roll.



Shannon said...

I'm right there with you, friend! My house looks like an elf threw up Christmas...I've got to get it cleaned up and the decorating finished before I go insane!

Love the line..."this is the burbs, it's how we roll!" You're funny, P!

Shannon said...

Had to leave you another comment...

First listened to Kenny Chesney's Christmas album today and thought of you...

Second...Parenthood is on this week! Yay!

Third...ran across this blog and wanted to share--- DC GOP Girl

Hope you had a great weekend, P!

Oh and why did I think your name was spelled with the second letter e instead of a...whoops!

Sarah Beth - Dixie Gator Gal said...

soo that is exactly what the bed in our guest room/office looks like right now. My husband is going to loose it if I don't get it taken care of ASAP, or God forbid he actually fold and put away something on his own-ha! I'm trying to instally a new mantra of "you can only complain if you are willing to help with the solution." So far it's not working-ha!

Anonymous said...

i totally laughed at longhorn because here in northwest arkansas, people love their chain restaurants! you should just see the parking lot at red lobster and olive garden on a friday night. . .


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