Thursday, October 21, 2010

Missed Calls

In case you haven’t heard, I have to drive a long way to work every day. I might have mentioned it.

Yes, I could ride the bus….but I’d have to leave home earlier, only to return later than if I drove.

Yes, I could take the train or the Metro…..but I’d still have to drive in traffic to the stations, where I’d have to leave my car in a dark, spooky parking lot.

No, I do not listen to books on tape.

I choose to drive the 40-something miles that usually take me 60-something minutes every day because I have a free parking space on Capitol Hill, and I talk to my mom (hands-free!) on the phone during my commute.

Yes, I talk to my mother every day. Twice a day. For an hour.

We talk about -among other things - the weather, what we’re cooking for dinner, what we just saw on The TODAY Show, and sometimes even about politics…but that usually doesn’t end well.

Yesterday morning, I dashed out of my house, late as usual, and I left behind my commuting lifeline – my phone! I didn’t get to start my work day by calling my mom to say, Wake up! I didn’t get to end my work day by calling Mr. W to say, I’m on my way, take the chicken from the freezer, please.

Instead, I punched the scan button on the radio 2,342,342,342 times. I blogged in my head. It was boring. It wasn’t the same. I missed my calls.

Who do you call every single day?



Dee Stephens said...

Hey! Thanks for following my blog! I'll follow you now too. What a precious blog!
Seems like we have a lot in common. A hound, recently married(well, within the yaer), I moved to the burbs for my hubby and have to commute now too! Only 35 minutes but versus my former 5mins..sucky..
Did you go to an SEC school? Also, I married a guy from NOVA.. ;)

Dee Stephens said...

Forgot... I call my Mom everyday on the way to work too. That's right.. everyday.
Sometimes on the way home too.

Katy said...

I talk to my mom every day as well! And I also have a commute. In the morning, it's a mere 15 minutes. In the evening, anywhere between thirty to forty-five minutes. Nothing compared to yours, though!

Mrs. Baker said...

My drive to work is only 15 minutes, but I call my dad every single morning! And if he isn't working when I get off at 4:00, I will call him again. I know exactly how you feel! My mom has usually left for work by the time I leave and doesn't get off until after I do!


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