Monday, October 11, 2010

Mapping Out Plans for a Perfect Party

Today is Columbus Day, and because I love America so much that I'm actually at my government job on a federal holiday, we're going to pay homage to the man who discovered our great land....and I am going to give you a gift.

Keep reading - I promise it's worth your while....

I like to think that I have a lot in common with Mr. C.

  • He had blonde hair

  • I have blonde hair
  • His surname was Columbus
  • I live and work in towns named Columbia
  • He was a great navigator of the wide, mysterious world

  • I am a great navagator of the mysterious world wide web

Upon my interweb voyages, I often discover the cutest ideas from the most clever party planners, and most recently I pointed my ship mouse toward a new party planning website called Punchbowl. 

First, let me raise my flag and declare that Punchbowl is about the cutest name ever for any party-related business.

Second, let me tell you that because Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas in 1492, and because you discovered this blog today that...


Let's do it one time like Oprah...

You get a discount! YOU get a discount! YOU GET A DISCOUNT!

That was fun.

With Punchbowl, you won't have to search the world over (ala Columbus) for all the things you need to host a perfect party.

Punchbowl provides free {and adorable!} on-line party invites, and will link you to vendors in your town that can help with any and all of your planning needs.

While Punchbowl is a free website for your start to finish event planning, exclusive memberships are available for the super, savy, not-to-be-outdown-by-anyone, Martha-wannabe hostess.

Membership to spike the Punchbowl gives you access to special features and some fancy-pants online invites with more bells + whistles to really bait your guests into RSVPing yes.

Punchbowl is helping (ala Columbus) I Do Declare readers map out every detail for parties big and small by offering you a 25-percent discount towards your Punchball membership between now and October 25! At checkout, just enter the promotion code IDODECLARE25.

Before you know it, there will be a national holiday named in YOUR honor because you throw the best parties.

Happy Columbus Day....and Happy Party Planning!



Kate (Southern-Belle-Simple) said...

cute cute cute! i love that you and ol' chris are like twins separated by centuries! love your new layout too! xoxo

Miss Southern Prep said...

So cute! Happy Columbus Day!


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