Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Toddlers + Tiaras

It was the party of the Universe...and there were only five guests!

Through the years, my friend Carrie (a former beauty queen), and I (a chliched Southern girl) have taken the intellect of many of our friends, including Mary (a Ph.D),  to an all-time low by hosting pageant parties. I file this fact proudly under Judge Me If You Want To, I Don't Care. 

Heather Whitestone, Miss America 1995 is my all-time favorite queen. Mr. W was at this pageant when she was crowned - but that's a story for another blog....

I like watching beauty pageants. Miss America, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, Junior Miss. If it's on tv, there's a good chance I'm tuned in, with a pencil and a paper to give my own scores....and on the phone with my mom to hear her thoughts on the contestants. 

I was happy when the former Miss Teen SC (kind of) redeamed herself on The Amazing Race.

Carrie will soon be moving far, far away from Mary and me, so we had to get in just one more pageant party. Lucky for us, Miss Universe was on last night!

Miss Mexico won. Miss Ireland was my favorite.

Plus, Baby Carragan's aunties needed to give her her belated 1 year birthday gift - we had the perfect excuse to gather on a Monday.

Carrie's hubsand, Chris, made us dinner - stuffed shells and chocolate pie for dessert.  Number one rule for our pageant parties: you must indulge in all the foods that the contestants have longed for for months. It's the one leg up we have on these girls...and we always own it.

photo credit: ink frog.com

Just as you haven't really watched SEC football 'til you watch it with Carrie, you've never really watched a beauty pageant unless you've done so sitting next to my friend.

She is hysterical. She is ruthless. She knows more fun facts about Miss Romania than Kitty Kelly ever dreamed to know about Oprah. I promise, even if you think pageants are silly and dumb and boring, you'd find even the talent competition entertaining if watching with Carrie.
photo credit: pageantry magazine

Though we spent more time talking to each other than following the pageant, it was an evening that was both beautiful and congenial...a crowing moment, really, and among the times I will miss so, so (SO!) much once Carrie's reign here ends.


Together We Save said...

IO have never been much for pagents, but then we like what we are around and I have never known girls who were in them much.

Anne S said...

Ok, this officially makes me teary. I was so looking forward to us all watching the last pageant together right before we moved then we all got snowed out! Crushing. Now to know you're all getting together for this truly breaks my heart. I miss my friends!!!!

Kate (Southern-Belle-Simple) said...

my little dad loves pageants and he texted me to say that that guy from rock of love was on it. i didn't watch, but now i wish i had! sounds like fun! xoxo

Mary said...

I hope the gracious ladies of Huntsville know what fabulous entertainment is in store for them, both from Car's commentary and Chris' cookery! In true Southern Belle form, I'm not quite through pouting about the move, and still looking for a purse to slide Baby C into so she has to stay here with me : )


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