Wednesday, June 16, 2010

No Substitute for Sonic {a taco bell bash}

This is a bit of a public service annoucement.

If like me, you are tempted to make an intentional visit to the Taco Bell (and by intentional, I mean, go there not because you're 20 and it's 1:30 in the morning...) just to try one of these.........

...well, don't.

Taco Bell, without a doubt, tops the list of things that are better in theory. I had hoped on Saturday when I begged Mr. W to go out of our way during errand-running to make a run for the border that the new Sparkler drinks would be the perfect summer substitute to Sonic Cherry Limeade....

....or any of the fruity goodness Sonic sells, anchored with pellet ice from the ice gods. I sort of love Sonic ice. 

See, up here in almost-yankee 'burb country, we don't have Sonics. We have EVERY OTHER CHAIN RESTAURANT you could dream to visit, but no Sonic. Sigh.

So I've got good news, and I've got bad news.

The bad news is these Sparklers don't taste a thing like any drink from Sonic. In fact, to quote Mr. Dubs, the Sparkler tastes like "a Spree candy dropped into fizzy Draino". 

The good news is, while writing this important PSA I discovered the recipe Sonic uses for its cherry limeade.  So, start chopping your ice and squeezing some limes; just steer clear of the  Draino Sparkler!


Whitney and the Preppy Puppy said...

I sooo wish we had Sonic up here in Nova. I miss all their tasty delights. xo xo

Marla said...

I love to hit the Sonic drive up just for a few bags of ice !

Kitchen Belleicious said...

Ha! You are so my kind of girl! I grew up on Sonic seeing as how that was the only fast food place we had in my small town other than pizza hut!

Okay, I am beyond sorry but I was wondering if you could come back and re=post your comment on the lisa leonard giveaway. The problem is blogger messed up this morning and posted the giveaway twice and i had to delete the first one which happens to be the one you left a comment on to enter. I am SOOO sorry but i would LOVE for you to come back and enter! Oh, don't hate me!

Our Porch in Hillsborough said...

I'm with you, I grew up with Sonic limeades! Your post reminded me of something really funny about Taco Bell, though - have you seen the Rhett & Link Taco Bell song? It's hilarious - I've been thinking about blogging about it!


the southern hostess said...

I do miss my precious Sonic.

Kate said...

my drink of choice is a route 44 cherry lime-aid made with diet coke instead of sprite....and without fail the sonic person asks me if i mean a "diet coke with cherries and limes?" and i'm always like "no! i mean a cherry lime-aid made with diet coke!" because even if it's just in my mind, there is a difference. lol. and i don't think i can mail one to you or i so would!


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