Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's Give-away Season in Blogland!

May must be give-away season on the interwebs, because so many blogs are showcasing the most fantastical prizes!!! I just love all these generous ladies for dangling the hopes of such fun happys in front of our computer screens day after day. Here are some of the prizes I have my fingers crossed to call my own:

Adorkable Annie  (who is this fresh, cute, dog-loving lady) is giving away these Anthropologie mugs! I have a friend with a more-than-slight Anthro obsession and if I win, I'd likely give these to her...

One lucky reader of Kitchen Bellicous (pick me, pick me!) will win some of these very chic papers from Cid Pear! Actually, every one who reads KB is a winner because her recipes are AMAZING, and she - like the desserts she cooks - is just the sweetest!

I'm also in it to win it when it comes to a very generous {$75} giftcard for the TOTALLY whimsical designers EMERSONMADEShort Southern Momma is giving away this treat to mark her first full year of blogging!

Although I adore EMERSONMADE's The Big Poppy (the mega-bloom pinned on this stylish shopper)....

photo credit: EMERSONMADE

I would probs have a better chance of pulling off one of these very flirty clutches...

photo credit: EMERSONMADE

And finally...You and Me Plus Three is celebrating her birthday and wedding anniversary by sending a lucky reader on a shopping spree, giving away a $60 gift card to use at any CSN store.

Start entering, friends! And if you win anything as a result of my sharing these leads, do feel free to share....Good luck!


Annie said...

Wooohooo! Good luck winning the mugs for your friend ;-)

Kitchen Belleicious said...

Hey beautiful! Thanks for blogging about my giveaway! You are so sweet and hope to return the favor soon! Love ya

Kelly and Sara said...

Fun! Just found your blog and we are your newest follower! Follow us at:

Hope you are having a great week :)


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