Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spanx Swimsuits

How did I not know this by now? I thought I was America's Number 1 Spanx buyer?

Spanx has a swimsuit line.  And, the suits are pretty cute (even if showcased on women who cleary don't even need power panties)!

I have a real love-hate with the Spanx.

I hate that I so often need them. I love the magic those skintight little monsters work.

Though the weather is warm and I'm a mere days away from heading to Hawaii, I'm in NO way ready to be sporting a swim suit. Not even close, y'all....

So here's hoping some extra tightening from a magic bathing suit can undo a winter full of carb-loading.....

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Anne S said...

I love the pink tankini one!! And not only because of the color. So jealous of your Hawaii vacay (but not so much that it takes away my happiness for you and Mr. W)!!!

Ashley Bray said...

Those are cute. Hope you have a great time in Hawaii and Yes I'M VERY JEALOUS!

Carey said...

Wow, I had no idea they have swim suits! Those one pieces are sooo cute! I wonder if they have a maternity line ;)

Have fun in Hawaii! It's beautiful!

Shannon said...

Ummm, hello Hawaii! No fair...I'm way jealous! Gotta check out these suits as I still have a few unwanted post baby lbs hanging around. Have fun!


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