Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thawing Out

It's been six days since I have left my house. When I declared a Social Sebatical, this is not what I had in mind. I invisioned stolen hours during a weekend with intentional time for projects, prayer, rest. I got time for all that - and more - in two blizzardy snow dumps. While the walls starting closing in on me yesterday, the pause button these storms pushed on my world has been quite nice.

I organized.

For some people, organizing is a sport. I am not one of those people. I do not get a thrill from labeling, spreadsheeting or color-coordinating my closet. It is nice, though, I be able to find spices and other sundries in my kitchen now. I have tidied the pantry, the spice cabinet, the freezer, the fridge. When this blizzard began I had no beef bullion. Now I have two boxes....and not because I have been to the store. It is amazing what one can find when there is just a smidge of order!

I have rested. I have slept-in. I have napped. I have napped some more.

My laundry pile is depleted, as are the stored shows on my DVR.

I ate well. I drank well. I did not diet well. When the snow melts, so too will the pounds. I hope.

When this posts publishes, I am going to leave my house. Watch out,'s been a long time!!  Our favorite neighborhood restaurant opens later today and Mr. W and I will be there. Tomorrow morning, I'll most likely be back in the grind of my commute. But just for a day. The forecast for Monday is calling for 5-8 more inches....

Snow bunting!

All this snow is a real sight to see. It's amazing the gridlock it caused an entire region. I've stopped short at longing for sand and sun. I'll be happy just to see green grass again!


Brittany said...

I forgot what grass looks like. All I see in my yard is snow piles taller than me! We'll have rivers to swim in when it all melts. It was nice to see sunshine today though!

Laura said...

What a great post.
Your time at home sounds wonderful-
Enjoy Target.



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