Monday, February 1, 2010

A Social Sabbatical

I fear that posts around here are about to get really drab. I'm attempting a Social Sebbatical for the month of February. I realize February is a short month, and I'm certainly not out for any kind of Eat, Pray, Love-like self discovery. I won't be going anywhere special, doing anything deep.  I'd just like to, you know, change the sheets in my guestroom, discard of the green-ish bread that is contaminatng my pantry and put away the rest of my Christmas decorations.

Yep, it's that bad.

It's a real sport in D.C. to keep a full calendar, be it a social or professional one. I've spent years listening to people try to out-busy one another. It's sad, and it's funny. I'm not retreating from the world for 28 days because I'm that popular or exciting; I just need to get my life back on track.

I spent the first three weekends of 2010 on the road, as I did most weekends between July and December in 2009.  I spend nearly three hours of every Monday - Friday commuting. With the exeption (so far) of May and August, not a month remains in 2010 that I don't have an out-of-town trip on the books. It catches up with a working girl...and her laundry pile.  So in February, I'm keeping weekends open. I'm won't be doing any weeknight happy houring or dining in the city - save birthdays.  Birthdays have to celebrated. 

February will be spent using my time to regroup, practicing  the art of saying no. I want to live February like an annex of January, continuing with the New Year's spirit of creating a balanced life. I want to find a church near our home. I want to see if it is possible to go to bed on Sunday knowing what I will wear Monday - Friday. Dressing is my biggest morning downfall.....

I'll still be blogging, of course. So, if you're into reading about one's search for things like order and a black shirt dress that has been MIA since September, I hope you'll keep dropping by! Especially since this week I'm announcing my first give-away....


Laura said...

This sounds like a wonderful plan.
I would love to hear a report about how things progress-


Anne said...

Although I relish social sabbaticals from time to time, you must take a hiatus and make time to see the Savs before we head South (see, I'm learning! I capitalized the "S")!

Kristin said...

Boy do I remember that about DC. I always felt like I had to be doing something. Of course, that doesn't stop me from missing living there like crazy!


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