Wednesday, January 27, 2010

California Casual

This weekend I (finally!) saw the movie It's Complicated.  As always, Meryl Streep is fantastic. To me, howevs, the real star is the movie's set. It's Complicated is full of scenes from the most simple, livable, beautiful rooms!!!

I love the lone orange chair mixed in with all the slipcovered neutrals, and adore the giant coffee table

In the movie, this kitchen is getting a remodel....but why???  Please make a sequal to It's Complicated just so we can all see how the upgrade looks!

Cozy!!!  Wouldn't you want to host Girls' Night around this distressed farm table? I do!

Watching the story of this movie play out with the backdrop of  a spacious kitchen, comfy chairs, giant coffee tables and (my biggest downfall) spectacular neutral textiles,

I left with the biggest case of home envy since spending time in the Banks' house watching  Father of the Bride!

Arched doorways? Yes, please!!!

As everyone's surely does over time, my home's style keeps evolving. I wanted my first apartment to look straight out of Pottery Barn. Then, when I started combing antique stores I realized there are ecclectic and unique furniture and furnishings to be found (Pottery Barn Burners, I know call such finds!) and turned into more of a shabby chic-er! Now I have merged my hodgepodge of home goods with a boy's. I hate to admit it, but our house is really all over the place, totally undefined by any style other than mis-matched (and not in a good, non-matchy-matchy sense of decorating). I sort of hate it, but know it will eventually come together...if not in this house, then in our next, "forever" home. Until, I find solace in convincing myself that if I squint very, VERY, VERY hard (and overlook the blond furniture Mr W picked out well before me (sorry, Honey!) as well as the non-custom curtains that aren't long enough to be hung from ceiling to floor, my room...

is kind-of, sort of, just a little in line with the one from It's Complicated? Like a distant, distant cousin (twice removed) maybe?

Lie, lie, lie and tell me that you see it, too?

Despite an East coast zip code, I really do want to live California Casual!!!

**CONTEST ALERT:  Short Southern Mamma is giving away some wall decor that would perfectly flank the wall space on each side of my bed....But since all's fair in love and blogging, you should enter to win, too!

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Virginia said...

I love the bathroom, kitchen and living room-my dream house looks just like that.

I took my glasses off and your bedroom looks EXACTLY like the one from the film! Don't worry, I feel the same way about my bachelor pad, I mean home.


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