Friday, December 11, 2009

Lobbying for Christmas!

The Willard Intercontenintal Hotel in D.C. is one swanky place. It's old, it's grand, it's expensive. That's why every year at Christmas my friends Shannon, Jenni and I go there...for drinks. Only one round, in fact...then somewhere more wallet-friendly for dinner.

As legend has it, the term "lobbyist" was coined because President Grant liked to enjoy cigars in the lobby of The Willard, which is just steps from The White House. People would line up to speak to him there. We go to take in the fantastic decor....

How much do I aodore this leopard print/toile sofa?? My dream fabrics!

the holiday music...

The Washington Childrens Choir

and to people watch. The Willard has fantastic people watching because everyone roaming the lobby looks famous. We thought we saw Jamie Foxx. A closer look proved wrong...but it was fun to think it was him for a little bit.  

Because Shannon is the sweetest, she brough gifts...and decorated them with a picture from another girls' night....

Inside...cute necklaces for Jenni and me, and a meal to be served in our name for the D.C. Central Mission. Yes, she's the sweetest.

Later in the night, Josh crashed our girly party...but that's ok, because we heart him.
And he would protect us as we walked the cold, wet city streets to dine at Chef Geoff's

Because I am always a healthy eater, especially when dining out for the holidays (HAAA!), I ordered the salmon (covered in a maple glaze) that came with this fancy bread pudding side. It was yum!

So yum, that when Shannon tasted it she said it broke her pizza with artichokes heart. Hee!

Dessert is mandatory. Here's our brownie before...

and after...

See Santa...we weren't wasteful.

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Our Porch in Hillsborough said...

I love The Willard, but have never been during the holidays. Thanks for sharing pics of it in its holiday mode!


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