Monday, December 14, 2009

Bacon Wrapped Date Night!

Dates are so yummy...when wrapped in bacon and deep fried!

Since the weekend was full of: laundry, cleaning, baking, food banking, wrapping gifts, Christmas shopping, celebrating friends' birthdays, tree decorating (yes, still...), the Ravens game AND taking Chloe to the vet.....Mr. Dubs and I made last Thursday our Date Night.

We had the perfect excuse for a night on the town...Georgetown, in fact. It was the Tennessee and Georgia State Societies annual holiday soiree - Rednecks & Turtlenecks. We even made the party pages on The Scene Bis Now.  But more on that in a bit. Because what's the number one rule when going to a holiday party? Don't go hungry!

So we dined at Bodega, a little Spanish tapas bar that has the most cozy and romantic atmosphere. Everything is red, black and white. The fireplace is faux, but the Spanish food and wine tasted authentic!

We pretended we were in Marbella, where we honeymooned, so along with our dates, some meatballs and chicken croquettes, we ordered cheese and almonds...since we noshed on that all day, every day when we were in Spain.


Once well nourished, we rolled up M Street to the City Tavern Club for the party!

Shannon was there....she's the president of Tennessee State Society.

Because we were very dilligent about following the Eat Before Party rule, Mr. W and I were not at all tempted to eat the appetizers at the party. BUT, we didn't order dessert at dinner, so..........

The mini pies were the best. Or, at least that's what I heard...(wink, wink...)

If you dance to Rocky Top (yes - wherever I go it seems to be played!) you burn off calories from naughty holiday sweets...

I hadn't been to a state society event in a years,  but I'm so glad to have been at this one. Who'd have ever thought that at a DC holiday party one could hear the song Christmas in Dixie? It was the best! Before we left for our road trip back to suburbia, Mr. W. said to me, "I bet back in your hay day this is the kind of party you would have closed down."

"You don't even know me," I giggled. But...he does.

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