Friday, December 18, 2009

It's The Thought That Counts!

I think myself a pretty decent gift giver....that's IF I actually managed to GIVE said gift. I am sort of, kind of famous for buying things and never mailing them, writing cards and never sending them.

SO...I started cleaning my desk at work yesterday, feeling all righteous that I was being so organized in advance of the new year. That's until I found these little happies...

Cute,  funny Christmas cocktail napkins that I snagged WEEKS ago because when I saw them I thought of two people, Viriginia and Elizabeth, who happen to be amongst the most sassy of all my sassy friends.

Excuse my dry sense of humor, but this holiday message just amused me...and if you knew V and E, you'd buy these for them, too.

I was so excited after buying these I actually told my friends to watch their mail...a little surprise from me was on its way. And then...I forgot. I never mailed them. The bag with these napkins disappeared under the abyss of my desk, only to be discovered DAYS before Christmas. Even if I mailed them today, they wouldn't arrive to Nashville or St Louis in time to be enjoyed BEFORE Christmas.  Sorry, girls!!! It's the thought that counts, right?


To me, Elizabeth and Virginia should say, " A Merry Christmas to all my friends...except you!" I deserve it.

In the spirit of giving...of paying it the time this blog publishes I will have already given one of the packets, along with a bottle of cava, as a gift to a hostess whose party I attended last night. I've never claimed to be organized, but I sure am resourceful!

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