Thursday, November 19, 2009

Great Balls of Cake

A world where adults are obsessed with teen vampires? I can't wrap my brain around it (but more on that tomorrow...).

A world where a boxed cake mix can be transformed to look super fancy and taste super yummy at the mere roll of a ball? Now that's something I understand. And...for which I harbor a slight obsession. 

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My first encounter with the cake balls came this summer at a baby shower I co-hosted for a friend.  One of the other co-hosts insisted she bring Oreo Ballls. Being the party snob that I am, I thought Oreo Balls sounded...well, juvenile. I envisioned something rice-krispie treat looking...only cylinder-ish. So you can imagine my surprise when Oreo Balls turned out to look like this ....

Beautiful, right? It looks like a truffle...only the inside is crammed with Oreo cookies and cream cheese. Oh, to taste them.... yum! So I was wrong. So I asked for them to be served the next month at my own bridal shower. Why eat crow when you can eat...Oreo Balls?!

Or, Red Velvet Cake Balls.  I made them recently for friends, and they were snatched up even BEFORE dinner. Dip them in white or milk chocolate, but white is BY FAR the tastiest.  I plan to include these in my Christmas baking!

I may be behind on the social trend of baking cake balls, but I'm making up for lost time.   It's easy to do because the recipes are SO simple....I'll be rolling some German Chocolate ones next!


1 package Oreo Cookies
1 8oz package cream cheese
Several bars of chocolate baking bark

Crush the cookies until they are fine, dust-like; mix in the cream cheese.
Roll the mixture into small balls and chill (a half our in the freezer does wonders!)
Melt the bark in the microwave, dip the balls into the chocolate
Place on wax paper or on the same chilled cookie sheet and chill in the fridge til chocolate hardens

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