Monday, November 23, 2009

Gratitude Is Appetizing and Intoxicating

As Thanksgiving nears, don't look to me to talk turkey.... BUT I will be talking dressing - all the sides, desserts, drinks and decor that makes this week a cornacopia of calories and cheer!

Why wait for dessert to have Sweet Potato Pie? Start your celebration by toasting all the blessings for which you are thankful with a Sweet Potato Pie cocktail.

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PS 7's, a trendy DC restaurant, is famous for it's yam-tastic drink. Just let your guests think you thought up the recipe all on your own. How can someone say no to Sweet Potato Pie, in any form??  And what a great way to shift the awkard converstations that start at the initial greeting of family you haven't seen in a while?  Aunt Edna...let me get you another Sweet Potato Pie!  

You'll need a little nibbly with before the pine tree replaces the pumpkin as the symbol of the holiday season, don't let the chance pass to create this easy, tastey appetizer! The Great White Pumpkin Cheeseball (you may have spied it in Southern Living) will make your guests OR your host think you are the most festive little pilgrim! 

Here's the magazine version....

And here's mine .....

It is SO easy to make. What looks like it took you major effort to create requires just three ingredients. I recently served it to dinner guests, and it was a huge hit - cream cheese, goat cheese and cheddar cheese...what's not to love about that trifecta?


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