Monday, November 30, 2009

Black Friday Thoughts on a Cyber Monday

Well, we did it. On the day after Thanksgiving, Mr W. and I rolled out of bed, coffee in hand, sausage balls in pockets, and went to Target. That's the beauty of the 'burbs - Target is just a 30-second drive away....

Inspired by a deal on a TV we learned about late Thursday night and rich in Target gift cards from the wedding, we thought, Why Not?

The line was long when we took our place around 4:30am, but the crowd was tame. We waited just a half hour - enough time for our teeth to chatter while we mapped out our plan of attack.

Be warned, though. Black Friday is not for the novice shopper. Those sneaky retail renegades didn't have the TVs in electronics as one would think...Nope, they were stacked up in the women's clothing section.  Sadly, we didn't snag a flatscreen, and left Target with only this cute little tote they gave all the earlybirds.

So worth it....

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