Thursday, June 20, 2013

lucky dog

Every dog has its day...and Norma has been enjoying some busy, glamorous times since she found a home with Dan and me.

Norma, napping on a pillow from Cassie

She believes all pups are met with the spoils of toys and treats that arrive in custom gift bags....

To Norma, Love Shannon

...and that it's normal for a dog's tag to be fancier than her mother's china pattern. 
To Norma, Love Beaufort

Sleep-away camp? She's already been! When her dad had to be out of town for business during her first week home, Norma + I enrolled in summer session at the Winter Home.  
Norma + Beaufort...puppy love

There, in the charge of dog whisperer Mary and her prodigy, Beaufort, Norma enjoyed two days of countless rawhides and long walks around the Kentlands while I went to the office (someone has to fund her indulgent lifestyle). I would return at night to an exhausted, happy girl...then Mary + I would order Chinese food.

Rub my belly or I'll bite your ankles

The pooch had only days to rest before hitting the road for Virginia Beach last weekend to meet grandparents, an uncle and other adoring family. She returned, naturally, with new trinkets for chewing and a growing sense of entitlement that surely explains why she thinks it's fine to pee on the rugs.


MCW said...

Spoiled dog! That dog tag??? Poor Jax has one from Petsmart.

I Do Declare said...

I know!! The one I bought her came from PetCo!

DeAnna Stephens said...

OMG! I could just squeeze her and that belly!! Hers and Buddy need to meet. Maybe when we bringo our RV Trailer up to Shenandoah :-)

Sarah said...

She is one lucky lady!! Love that tag!

Ruth said...

She is one lucky pup

Leigh Powell Hines said...

What a cutie. Look at that tag.. Wow! Love it.


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