Thursday, October 11, 2012

my nashville dream

Did you watch the series debut of Nashville last night on ABC? I didn't...I'd long since watched it online because I am just not into delaying gratification. I have to tell you, I thought from the show previews (and see also the movie Country Strong) that it was going to be pretty cheesy.   It isn't entirely without cliche and the Southern accents could use a little work, but I love the music, I love seeing Tennessee in lots of beauty shots, and I LOVE Connie Britton. 

I think she's really good in this role if for nothing more than I never saw her as Tami Taylor, her character from Friday Night Lights. She's full-on channeling Faith Hill on the stage and I'm thinking Martina when she's being a mom. And her hair....

Here's my dream, though, and tell me if you're feeling it, too. Kyle Chandler (aka, Coach Taylor) makes a guest cameo as his character not-Dusty from Pure Country
photo credit here

Now that I'm certain I will never have perfect country music singer hair this is my new Nashville dream. 


Katie @ Team Skelley said...

Augh! I forgot to set my DVR! Do you know if they are going to repeat the premiere? I can watch it on the iPad, but I am weird about shows, I like to watch them on my big TV.

Whitney of Washington said...

I watched last night and maybe I just love Tennessee so much that I just see past the bad accidents and such but I loved it! I think my love for the show is really just an obsession with Nashville itself. :)

Leigh Powell Hines said...

I may have to watch it on the computer while writing. Will would never go for it, but I can get so sucked in. Missed it though.


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