Thursday, February 9, 2012

Why I Won't Make My Valentine See The Vow

When I stood before God and everyone to marry Dan, I promised, among other things, to always respect him. It is that vow that will keep me from dragging him to see The Vow this Valentines Day (haaa!). I'll save the pull of his man card for a date night watching This Means War.

That's not to say that I'm not all over this movie like cupid on a heart-shaped Whitman's Brandi Glanville on Eddie Cibrian's tires. Oh, I'll see it. I'll be there opening night.  When I saw the trailor for this The Notebook-wannabe romance months ago, I knew without a doubt it begged for a movie night with the gals.

So, throw some tissue (and chocolate, and wine!) in your purse and get your sweetest friends together for a little Valentines Ladies Night.

You'll love the time with your friends. The man in your life will love you for it. year when The Vow comes on cable and your remote lands on it one rainy Saturday, your guy will argue against watching it by asking, "Haven't we seen this?".  Then, upholding your vow of honesty, you won't be fibbing when you answer, "No...we haven't."

I designed my Paperless Post invite after seeing this FANTASTIC Oscar invite created by Erinn at Fancy Napkin.  I love how she did the who/what/when. And seriously, could I love a blog name more??

Maybe...if it was called Total Basset Case.

I found these two blogs from another fun blog called Wine Taste Girl - she's from Nashville, and features great products for those of us who need to be budget but like to live spendy.

These new blogs are my Valentine to you. I hope you heart them.



PomJob said...

Your girls nights sound so fun! I saw The Vow at a screening a few weeks ago. It was good! I don't think it's quite as cheesy as you're anticipating. It is based on a true story and told from the male character's point of view. I've never seem a Channing Tatum movie before. He's pretty but not the best actor out there. Enjoy!

I Do Declare said...

Oh, I don't mind the cheese! Truth be told, I'm recruiting hard the friends to go w/ me. Most of my friends are serious "film" watchers, so indulging me will with this movie will be THIER gift!

Katie said...

I am now Following Total Basset Case, was a cute blog!

I think Channing Tatum is kinda Duh, but I really do like Rachel McAdams. However, we will be seeing Redtails for VDay. Marc bought me a Keurig, it is the least I can do. :D

Dee Stephens said...

Everybody is jumping on the paperless post bandwagon! said...

Thanks for the shout out! We love basset hound mamas!

Tricia said...

I can't wait for this movie. It really is the perfect date for the girlfriends. Thanks for the fun new blogs!

Theresa said...

When we saw the preview for this movie, someone in our house said, "We should go see that." It wasn't me, just saying... :) Thanks for the new blogs!

Hines-Sight said...

Thanks for the new reads.

You are so good with your party planning.

Like I've said, wish you were in Raleigh.

Erinn T said...

Aww, Those invites look so Great!! I'm happy to have had a teeny-tiny part in inspiring, although I think I may need to take few notes from you!

Also, thanks for the shout out. That was super cool. We can bond over napkins anytime ;)

Fancy Napkin

Cassie said...

You could take a nod from Leslie Knope on my fave show Parks & Recs and call this "Galentines Day" & make it an annual event... Fondue anyone?

My Thirty Spot said...

This was a really cute post. I want to see this movie so bad, but I will also leave my hubby at home. It is such a good idea to pull your girls together for a fun event! I love Rachel McAdams so much!


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