Thursday, December 8, 2011

What I Love About Annual Holiday Parties

Every year my friends Fran + Matt host an ornament exchange.

I love that I'll always have at least one new ornament for my tree, and every year when I pull it out I'm reminded of the good times had at this party with friends. This year, Dan + I brought a pickle ornament....

Since our engagement story involves the Pickle Tradition, it's become our signature Christmas bauble. 

I love that Fran's menu rarely changes....

because part of the fun of this season is indulging in foods that you just can't justify January - November, including lamb lollipops.  Fran gave me the recipe for her marinade and I'm going to serve these up when I host Dan's family for Christmas!

I love that there is always a fancy cocktail involving champagne, and as with ANY party Fran hosts, always cute drink labels.

I love that even though I won't know every person in the room, as is often the case in Washington, you meet such interesting people, including those who whip out their phones to show you hanging out with William + Catherine is just all in a days work.  

That just doesn't happen at every holiday affair.

I love that this soiree, assuming I keep landing on the guest list and my friends keep hosting, has become a favorite part of the Season for me.  Maybe next year Catherine will pop in to say Happy Christmas?...



Hines-Sight said...

Wouldn't that be nice. What a great party. I think ornament exchanges are nice.

Dee Stephens said...

Just emailed you. For my cookie and ornament exchange this weekend I bought a pickle to tradE! LOL

Katie said...

I am such Kate Middleton fan girl. :) I love holiday parties too, everyone is always in such great spirits. Merry Christmas!


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