Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Serious Business of Creating a Christmas Card

Before there was Facebook, all people had for camoflauging vanity in the name of "keeping in touch" was the holiday photo card.  This Facebook world, though, it only ups the ante of the Christmas card picture - the real pros have to keep something in their pocket for December, true?

The camera loves us - and we love you!

From the purest place in my heart, I love receiving photos of family and friends, but also, I like to see what, year after year, people do to showcase their life, their family and their greeting. For some, the art of giving and receiving the photo Christmas card is full-on sport, and I admit, somewhat shamelessy, that I am among its players. Some women keep future baby names on lock down, but for me, my secrets are Christmas card ideas, vaulted in my brain for the children I may never have, for the places I may never travel.   I mean really - if you don't want to make sure your card stays atop everyone's pile, why not just pick a pretty boxed set?
Sorry you couldn't make it to your wedding in Paris!

It may sound like I've already hit the egg nog, but  I KNOW I'm not the only card sender who thinks this way. I have friends who sit for professional photographers,  get custom address labels and will shop post office after post office in search of seasonal stamps because, God Bless America, the simple 44-cent flag just will.not.do at Christmas time.  All this, it's what makes the holidays so special: we are reminded to think of others, and to think also of what others will be thinking of us! NO to the EL.

All that time I spend on sites like Tiny Prints searching through card options both traditional and modern, I'm not doing that for me; I am doing it to impress for the people on my Christmas Card List!!

The people at Tiny Prints recognize the selfless efforts of card creators like you and me, making the editing process so easy that Mrs. Claus could style a masterpiece, even without her glasses. And with cards that start at less than $1 each, you'll actually be able to afford {holiday-themed!} postage, too!

This card is only 69-cents!

I love that the clever Tiny Prints desingers have created pretty templates, but they still give customers the liberty to personalize cards to feature the sender's personality. Tiny Prints also has several options that would work for singles or childless couples, because...

...not everyone has the advantage given to those who procreate. You lucky parents. Does it get any easier than masking humility in the face of a child?

In years past for our Christmas card I've used vacation photos and a wedding picture, so I recognize that yet another glamour shot of Dan and me might be a bit tired. Also (and especially because) we're just not as hot as these people...

This year, our card will take on a more humorous tone. Maybe because I know how much thought goes into Christmas cards, I recognize that it's probably time, at least for a card with my name on it, to be a tad self-deprecating.   Not, of course, that there is anything funny about the serious business of creating a Christmas card.

All photos: Credit Tiny Prints

*Disclaimer: I've long been a paying Tiny Prints customer, but for this post I particpated in a blogger promotion and Tiny Prints will compensate me with 50 free cards.



Dee Stephens said...

You know I'm loving all of them :)

Carrie C said...

Had such a hard time picking one this year. I Feel that the first married card somehow ups the ante and sets the tone for every card after. Next year I am sending Fourth of July or Halloween cards to avoid the stiff competition;)

Leo said...

I've never heard of this company. I've been looking for someone to help me create my own cards.
Thanks for sharing!

Kori Donahue said...

Can't wait to see yours! Kori xoxo

Hines-Sight said...

Love Christmas Cards, and the more you can free than the better. It adds up. I hope you have a great holiday.


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