Monday, November 7, 2011

My One Tree Hill Wedding Encounter

When Peyton Sawyer married Lucus Scott on One Tree Hill, her dad wasn't even at the wedding! That happens often in Tree Hill; parents, even those who aren't murderers, pill poppers or nasty bitches who destroy your fashion empire tend to be a tad overlooked. 

Peyton's dad (aka, the actor Kevin Kilner) was, however, at a wedding I attended this weekend for friends Katie + Kyle. If you recall, it was at Katie + Kyle's engagement brunch where this mega Tree Hill fan sort of acted a fool. I played it cool this time around, though, bordering only slightly shameless by asking, along with a few other cult followers of the show, for a photo.

It felt good to come full-circle from silly Fan Girl to toasting on the dance floor with Mr. Sawyer like we were old pals. I felt redeemed, and couldn't help but think, this must be the kind of peace for which Dan Scott's soul longs...(hee!).



Hines-Sight said...

Glad you got the photo. :)

Emily said...

Love The Picture :) Also, hope you got to dance with well as toast. oxo


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