Thursday, November 17, 2011

For Eyes - Glasses USA

Oddly, I was always that child who wanted braces and wanted glasses.  Kids of the '80s - we had different image issues compared to today's youth. Clearly.
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My crooked teeth delivered the heavy mouth metal as a teenager, and though I didn't really need them,
after college, when I had my first vision insurance plan, I bought a pair of  eyeglasses that I sometimes wore while working as a TV reporter when I wanted to look smarter....and be just like Ashleigh Banfield.  Remember her?

The prescription was so light, mostly just to magnify, but the price for my lenses and expensive!  As a 20-something, I hadn't quite figured out that there's a BIG difference between looking smart and living smart! Despite my natty glasses, I didn't see it coming, but my days (and Ashleigh's for that mattered) on TV were numbered....

Still for years I sported my fashion frames, until one day the frames just broke.  Since my vision truly was fine without glasses, at that stage in life I could see the difference between want and need, so I was wise enough  not to spend money on new specs. 

These days, I still sometimes wish for fashion frames - especially sassy tortoise shell ones that look great on everyone - but the only glasses purchased in our house are for Dan (who, as you can imagine thinks my need to accessorize with rims is....redic. )

Like most husbands, his only request when picking out new eyes: he wants cheap eyeglasses! Like most wives, I want them to look striking - and as with any kind of shopping, I want the purchase process to be fun!

To find that balance, we'll be shopping for Dan at, an online eyeglass retailer.

There are so many frames from which to choose, and to take the guesswork out of buying glasses online  the guys created a "Try It On" Mirror where you can upload your photo and see for yourself how you (or the husband who lets you shop for him!) will look.

Prices are reasonable. Options are fashionable. is giving I Do Declare readers a 10-percent discount on prescription glasses (CODE: Blog10). You'll find other deals at and on Facebook.

With prices this low, and shopping this easy...It might finally make sense for me to blur the line between want and need and score a pair of glasses for myself!

*Disclaimer: This was a sponsored post, and though all thoughts + opinions are mine, I was paid to blog  for Please support companies who support bloggers!



Shannon said...

I am terribly near-sighted, and have been "lucky" enough to have needed glasses/contacts since 8th grade. Now that I have to buy my own specs and contacts, I really wish I could afford Lasik! It is such a pain - now that we've moved to Northern VA, my allergies are kicking in, making my Dry Eye Syndrome off the charts!

I say all of that, to say this:
Go buy a cute, cheap (non-prescription) pair from Claire's, or some little teeny-bopper store in the mall! Yes, you may feel slightly awkward purchasing them, but let's be honest: All the hipster's are doing it! :)

Dee Stephens said...

Check you out! Getting paid to blog friend! :)

Beth Dunn said...

I wanted braces and glasses too!

Emily said...

I've ALWAYS wanted glasses...I secretly still do! Braces I wanted until i got them on...and then sigh it was a painful 18 months :) What A Great Post. oxo

Patrick said...

Cool - just got my eyes checked for the first time as an adult at 32, and I need some low-grade reading glasses. This site rocks!

Hines-Sight said...

You crack me up. I think I pulled out some glasses one time on the air, too.

As for braces, I did have them, and I remember wanting to have those alien looking wire things. We were indeed crazy.

And like you, I wanted nice glasses for hubby. Luckily, he's picky and when he tried on a bunch...Burberry was what he liked best. He chose...but I just guided him to his choices.

jack said...

Hey! now you can buy eyeglasses online very easily.

beebayonline said...

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Heather said...

I was emailed about doing a review for glasses USA as well... I was worried it was a scam. How did the paying part work? PayPal? Loved your post! I totally wanted glasses as a kid as well! Hah what was wrong with us?!


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