Friday, September 16, 2011

The SEC in DC!

Few things are decidedly Southern in Washington, but I've found one's interpretation of the SEC is a quick clue for distinguishing the men from the beaus. 

Because I know most of my readers hail from below The Line, I'm guessing  your natural instinct (especially since we're at the start of football season) is to think the South Eastern Conference.

In this town, howevs, when you say you're a fan of the SEC, your sentiment could just as easily be mistaken for......the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Trust me, this has happened...numerous times.

Luckily, there are a host of places around town that cater to the Southern football fan, and today over at The DC Ladies I'm blogging about where South Eastern Conference fans go to watch football in Washington. You can read it here...


Dee Stephens said...

A great start to the SEC last night as my Tigers pulled off a win against MSU!

Ashton said...

SEC only has one meaning for this Belle! And, it has nothing to do with government.

Tricia said...

Can't wait to read the posting. My husband went to LSU and we are going to DC for our anniversary the weekend of 9/7, and I know he'll want to look for places that Saturday to watch the games. :)


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