Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mental Tips for Successful Exercise

Now, I know that taking exercise advice from a revolving heifer is like taking voice lessons from the tone deaf, but humor me; I believe I am on to something.....

Exercise in general is not something I enjoy. It's something I dread, it's something I force myself to do. I've been known to just walk of out of a class because I'm tired or bored or while stretching I'll start thinking about some perfect frozen yogurt topping, so I'll leave the gym to go next door to TCBY.

Zumba, however, is among the very few exercise trends (jazzercise with Cas and her mom, and an oldies aerobics routine on VHS being the others) that I find amusing, and genuinely look forward to doing. It's not that I don't struggle, but when I do, I escape in my head with a few mental tricks I play that help me endure the 60 minutes of sweating. These might just work for you, too:

1. Imagine that you're trying out to be a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader, and dance like Kelli Finglass is watching...Judy, too.

2. Assume the role of a broadway wanna-be, you're at an audition, and if you hit the next move, you just might make it as a company dancer (when I do this, it's always to be in the show that John Travolta danced lead in on the movie Staying Alive)...

3. Pretend you're at cheerleading camp- if you don't look happy to be there, your squad might not get a spirit stick!

How do you make it through your work out?


Emily said...

I always think about all the people who can't do what I'm doing--and how blessed I am to be able to do whatever exercise (spinning, running, yoga, strength) I'm doing that day. I also come up with a mantra or a reason for why I'm there (for the nights I go out it's for that extra marg or two...but my normal mantra is that "this is MY time..." and I wanna look good for it). Finally, I get my workout done at the start of the day...530 am classes 5 days a week! LOVES :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Declare! I am Skirts. We have never met, but I found your blog a few weeks ago and LOVE it! Your tips are great! Emily yours are, too. I enjoy exercising outside--running on a trail, playing tennis,riding a bike--but put me in front of a video or on a treadmill or stationary bike, and I will be hating every minute of it. But since I cannot always workout outside, I put a photo of myself at my "happy weight" front and center on top of our entertainment center (fancy way of saying the shelf part above my tv). So while doing the dreaded workout video, my goal is staring me in the face. Your Red Dress report has also been very helpful to me. Keep up the great blogs and the Zumba!


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