Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bobby Flay's Burger Palace

As is often the case in politics, I went to a networking lunch yesterday. A Food Network-ing lunch....hee!

Last week, Celebrity Chef Bobby Flay opened up a Bobby's Burger Palace in Washington, down on K Street. My co-worker, Allen, and I made a little run downtown to bring back lunch for everyone in our office....after standing in quite a line just to even make it inside the restaurant!

This place is a hot-spot, but considering the crowd, we were still able to make it in an out pretty efficiently!

There are a few big time burger places in Washington operated by big time chefs (Shake Shack, Good Stuff, Ray's Hell Burger, Central) and between the bulk of us, we've been to nearly all of them.

The review? The shakes - delish, but not as good as the Roasted Marshmellow shake from Good Stuff. The fries - Bobby offers sweet potato, and they were very good, as were the regular fries! The main event, the burgers - better than Good Stuff, and as good or better than its other rivals.

The salads (aka, the topless patty on greens)? Cause yeah...that's what I got. Pretty good, probably even great...if you don't eat it while watching everyone else enjoy various forms of gourmet cheeseburgers!

I didn't order fries yesterday, but today over at Red Dress I'm telling about how fries were the key to the first part of my weight loss...you can read about it here!



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