Tuesday, June 28, 2011

No Wire Hangers!

This weekend, I filled one construction-sized garbage bag with nothing but WIRE HANGERS.

Not even kidding.

I sent four more filled with clothes to Goodwill.

Over-crammed closets are truly the least of the problems inside our 1970's townhouse (think blue bath tub...) but it was something I could tackle in about 36 hours.

If I wasn't worried it'd bring shame to my mother, I would've just called Hoarders to come remedy all the non-essential clothes and other sundries causing chaos to our days.  So, this weekend, Dan + I forced ourselves to clean out some closets, clearing space for the clean laundry that has been on the couch for two weeks a while.   Here's a peak (in photos with no make up and pajamas) at  a few of our the lovelies we'd been holding on to:

Dan: But this is a nice sweater.
Me: It is...if you have plans to go back in time to be in a Christmas card photo with Bill Cosby.

SAVED - but only for an ugly sweater party.

Me: When I wore this suit to work I felt like Elle Woods.
Dan: No woman your age should dress head to toe in that color.


Dan: What's so wrong with tear-away pants?
Me:  Nothing.....if you're Nathan Scott.


Dan: What the hell?

Me:  An eyelet blazer seemed like a good idea at the time


Me: Do those sweats have elastic on the bottom?

Dan: Yep. Think Cassie's dad would want them?

Me: Maybe.

Two closets down, one basement and an office closet full of board games to go......


Dee Stephens said...

RIDICULOUS! No words.. Brad and I too spent the weekend cleaning out the closets. TWINS AGAIN!
I was better than him. You should have seen some of the ties he had been keeping. One from Britches that had flowers all over it!

Cassie said...

Please tell me you saved the black sweats for Bob. He would be crushed to hear a very nice, useable piece of 'lounge wear' was sent to goodwill! Seriously though- so remember the pink! Hello RR- you're such a liar...

Hyphen Interiors said...

Hilarious convo! Love it. We totally have conversations like that when cleaning out closets. Usually me making the hubs give stuff up.

Sarah Beth - Dixie Gator Gal said...

We de-hoarded our closets two weekends ago, too!


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