Monday, June 13, 2011

My Adventures with Dee!

Last week I got to meet Dee, from Dee's Adventures. She was in town for a wedding, and popped over to Capitol Hill where we strolled around the Congress a bit before lunch outside at Bullfeathers.

I should probably offer this disclaimer before telling you how much fun I had: When bloggers talk about how they have met some of their "BEST FRIENDS" from blogging, I give it a big eye-roll.

That's wrong and judgemental of me (especially since I met my husband on, but in real life, I am lucky to have a huge group of friends. Though it's proved a real perk, making new friends was not the reason I started blogging. 

When I read about bloggers doing trips with other bloggers I think that sounds fun and all, but I barely have the time to do girls trips with friends I've know for ages. How - and moreso why- I wondered, do these girls give priority to people they met on the internet? (Again - - but still..I judge...just being honest here.)

Dee + I have "known" each other for a while through our blogs. Blog commenting quickly turned to emailing and emailing quickly turned to Facebook and phone texts. Then, we met in person and in the course of our two hours together, Dee and I talked and gossiped about things like we'd know each other for a lifetime.

We're at the exact same place life: 30-something newlyweds without children entertaining parenthood.  That alone gives us a lot of common ground, but toss in things like both of us are former newsies, SEC grads married to Hokie husbands and...the list goes on and on......

Not to go all Single White Blogger on you, but...I may have just met one of a my best friends through blogging. We might even meet up for a trip.

And I take back all most of my eye-rolls.


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Creature Gorgeous said...

I think that's fantastic! After blogging for Weddingbee, I met/became interwebz friends with a lot of the Bee bloggers. I wouldn't go so far as to say I found one of my closest friends through blogging, but I've established several friendships that are strangely deep in that we keep up with each other more than some of my "real" friends. There's really no one that I have so much in common with as you and Dee. Good for you guys!!


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