Thursday, June 23, 2011

Miranda Lambert + Blake Shelton Wedding Video

They've been hitched for a while now, but People magazine just posted a video on its website of Miranda Lambert + Blake Shelton's wedding weekend.  Since I love country music and weddings, I watched. Three times.

The Sheltons got married on a Texas ranch. Celebrations surrounding my wedding were held on a ranch, too, so obviously I'm a tad partial to a rustic, downhome affair.

Table from Dan's and my BBQ Rehearsal Dinner - denim + burlap

You'll see in this video, so worth the 8 minutes of your day, these gorg vintage cowboy boots that Miranda gifted all her bridesmaids.  At my own rehearsal dinner, I changed into cowboy boots...

making Miranda + I, like, practically sisters, true? 

These girls, pictured here at our rehearsal dinner, are some of my oldest friends, and are like sisters to me.

I think if I could have attended any celeb wedding this year (save for the Cambridges, of course) I would have loved an invite to Blake + Miranda's wedding because it just looked like a crazy party! Not that some of my own guests didn't end the night napkin atop head......

 No matter how formal or casual wedding celebrations are, I think it's the personal touches that set another cake, another dress, another buffet line apart from the next ceremony or reception, and from this video, you'll see see the Sheltons' weekend was one-of-a-kind! You'll also see lots of their famous friends!

Tables at our rehearsal dinner were named after country songs. My friends sat here.

Withouth really* knowing Miranda and Blake, this wedding seems SOO very "them"!  What celebrity wedding would you have liked to attend this year?

*Back when "Austin" was just hitting radio, I interviewed Blake Shelton when he was rolling through Knoxville for some radio station gig. His manager said it was his first-ever interview. How, then, could  I have been left off the guest list?



Dee Stephens said...

I can't see the video here at work but will check it out. Now knowing that your rehearsal dinner was on a ranch.. of course, you thought my friend's 10th wedding annivesary party was amazing! So, up your alley!

Hines-Sight said...

Such a cute post. Love how you did the tables with the songs.

The video is saying it is private.

I can't believe you weren't invited either. :)

I know you got your Lands End tote, but I'm giving away a large one. You can personalize it. A girl could use two.


Ashton said...

Your rehearsal looks beautiful and very southern. Love it! Those Friends in Low Places place cards are perfect for my family and friends. Do you mind if I copy them for my own wedding...whenever that might be?

Sarah Beth - Dixie Gator Gal said...

Guess I just got 8, 16 or 24 minutes back in my life, sad the video is now private. Love the details from your rehearsal! I wanted mine to be BBQ-esk, but it ended up being very fancy, still fun though!


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