Thursday, April 14, 2011

Idol Chatter

Pretened with me, please, that it's 2003 and you still care about American Idol.

Thank you.

This is the first year that I've REALLY followed the show, and I've become a nerdy fan. Every Wednesday I watch, texting with my mom and Jenni about the performances and the judges.  You know, all the things you did like eight years ago when it was really cool to watch.

As the show winds down with the final three contestants, I'm happy that my favorite, Lauren, is still in the game.

Whether it's American Idol or the Olympics, if there's a small town Southern girl in the running, I will be her biggest fan.

Since catching a bit of Idol fever this year, I often find myself in traffic, singing along to the radio, then I start to play the game: If I was on Idol, what would I sing?

Song from the year you were born:

I would sing Here You Come Again - No way I would be on Idol (or any national stage) and not sing Dolly Parton! 

Movie Soundtrack Song:

Though it would be hard to resist not singing Time of My Life from Dirty Dancing, I would probably opt Let the River Run by Carly Simon from the movie Working Girl. Love it.  But then again, Shake that Thang from Country Strong would surely win over middle-America... along with me as this season of Idol comes to an end.  What would be your Idol go-to song?


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