Friday, April 8, 2011

Facebook Condolenses

While I probably share more about my own life on this blog than my mother feels comfortable about you care to know, I'm still very slow to leave a public condolense to someone who has lost a loved one on a Facebook wall. This blog is mine; someone's Facebook wall is theirs. It's not so much the casual nature of it for me, but the issue of privacy for mourners. I simply think if someone hasn't mentioned their loss on their Facebook page, no one else should mention it, either - not by leaving a thoughtful wall message, not by asking for a specific prayer request in one's own status update.  Maybe it's because I'm Southern, maybe it's because I'm behind the times, but mostly it's because I think someone else's loss is just not your business. Do you do it? Has this happened to you when you wish it hadn't? I would love to hear your thougths on this topic, which I've blogged more about over at DC Ladies....



Dee Stephens said...

I agree..

Whitney and the Preppy Puppy said...

Completely agree. I would never mention something on Facebook that wasn't already stated by the person who has the page.

Kitchen Belleicious said...

I agree and I don't know what necessarily happened but I love your passion and I will be praying for the family and friends of that person your referring to!
Much Love

Hines-Sight said...

This was really good. I loved your article on DC Ladies. I have to admit that I knew a lot of people in the town that I lived when I was in TV, and recently some of them picked me back up on FB after not really hearing from anyone for six to eight years ( close friends from there are an exception). Some of them have experienced losses, and I did message them through FB or write the typical, "My thoughts are with you" after twenty other people had done it. Is that peer pressure? Until your article, I really never gave it much thought. I agree with the etiquette guidelines you found. It's unusual now because funeral homes are even creating on-line guest books. Fascinating topic!! Great post!


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