Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Super Weekend, Super Recipes

I can't remember a Super Bowl that I watched in its entireity where someone wasn't named Manning*....but it happened on Sunday. Sort-of.

This was the scene as the Super Bowl got started over at our friends Kim + Dave's.

It kind of cracked me up!

Everyone who was at the party cheers whole-heartedly for the Baltimore Ravens. So, if you cheer for the Ravens, it means no matter what, you cheer against the Steelers (sorry, Anne!)...if you even watch at all.  It seemed most people (or, maybe just people like me) care mostly about things like food.

Or gambling.....

Mr. W + his brother creating the square/score/pool thingy - I did not win 

 and cars....?

Mr. W with our party host, Ben

Oh, and birthdays...my brother-in-law, Mike, turned a year older. So, we got a cake...

I made these now blog famous sausage tarts (discovered here!) and while they were yummy (and VERY easy to make + take) my fave football food of the night was Kim's skinny turkey meatballs.

Anytime two or more are gathered in the name of sport {that isn't golf!} I will likely make these because they are SO good, and such a nice alternative to wings or pizza! 

Here's the recipe in case you want to plan ahead for March Madness (or just make them for dinner one night!).

*None of Mr. W's friends understand why people from Tennessee love any + all Mannings. I think it's an affection, like for the color orange, that just happens by default.



Casey said...

So glad to see a little bit of what I missed out on! Looks like the fun was delish!

Anne S said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah... although I'm crushed about the outcome, I WILL say that Green Bay deserved to win that game because the Steelers apparently didn't get the memo that they were supposed to actually PLAY football on Sunday. Oh well.

I'm so excited to try this recipe!! I will have to work it into next week's meal plan (do you like the way I said that, like it's something I've been doing forever?).

Kris said...

I will have to make those skinny turkey meatballs! They look yummy!!

Kris said...
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whitney said...

It must also be pointed out that anyone who loves the Mannings cheered for the Steelers b/c Charles Woodson....aka "The guy who stole the Heisman from Peyton and the proceeded to thank his baby mama" plays for the Packers. Go Peyton/Eli/Cooper/Archie/Olivia!

I Do Declare said...

I actually argued the 1997 Heisman issue in defense of the Steelers, however...it was a mute point {see lack of understanding about Manning obsession}. I love SO much that you had the same thought, Whitney!

Dee Stephens said...

P.Manning got his butt kicked last year by his dad's team!! WHO DAT!

Romantic Dinner Bruges said...

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