Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Twas the Weekend Before Christmas

I'm on a bit of a holiday high after such a fantstic weekend spent with so many of the friends I love!


Friday night, Jocelyn + I left work together, braving the opposite side of my beloved Beltway to go visit Mary at the Winter Home. It was actually a fabulous drive - monuments covered in snow, Georgetown from across the river all lit for Christmas. I've decided that there's no town more beautiful in the winter than Washington.

photo credit: upi.com

Lately my heart for DC has been like Carrie Bradshaw's for NYC - it's strange, really...but I'm just loving Christmas in the City - even when I go 'burb, which happened Friday.

Shannon and her whoopie pie!

Our little holiday girls night was super cheesey - as in...embarrassing amounts of over-priced bries and other smoked molds from the Whole Foods served atop these, my all-time favorite cracker in life. Y-U-M.

It was sweet, too - as in, chocolates, whoopie pies,
cakes galore, and Christmas-themed Krispy Kremes for breakfast after our slumber party.

After snacking and gabbing and toasting with champers, we went to see the new Reese movie. I won't tell you how it ended...because I fell asleep. That's how blah it was. Spend your dollars on fancy cheese, y'all.


By 9am on Saturday, I was at Nordstrom. By 11am, I was under a dryer chair with foil in my hair - it's the Season of high-Lights, no? By 1, I was brunching back on Capitol Hill with some old friends - I should have had someone take a group shot there (we were too busy talking) but here's Tanya, Annie Laurie + Monty later in the day when they left me to go ice-skate at the Sculpture Garden...
I love that I'm an honorary Heifer - even if I skip out on skating!

I didn't skate it up because I was meeting up with Mr. W and other friends for some holiday cocktails...
The night was not a blur - but the only picture I have of it is!

...and those cocktails at Sonoma turned into another slumber party at Fran's house.  Christmas Lesson: never leave home without your jingle jammies!


By 9:30am on Sunday, Mr. W was leaving for the Ravens game, and I was breakfasting with my work-husband, Patrick, at the most amazing little place in Eastern Market on Capitol Hill. After eating, we shuffled our winter boots around to see all the Market vendors where I picked up some super fun gifts!

photo credit: Flickr

By late afternoon, I was back to the 'burbs and taking a long winter's nap....

Four Days 'til Christmas
Today finds me at my last day of work for a while (cheers!) and anticpating the long haul home for the only Christmas for me - a Tender Tennessee one!! Stealing a little love from Southern Belle Simple (and Amy Grant!), enjoy this - one of my Top 10 (at least!) favorite Christmas songs.

Any other Tennesseans out there who can't make it through this song with out a little lump in the throat, or tear down the cheek?


Katy said...

Love your account of Christmas in D.C. Sounds like a blast!

Southern H and H said...

What a fun weekend! Hope this week is equally wonderful!

Kate (Southern-Belle-Simple) said...

I absolutely adore this post! What a wonderful, fun-filled time you are having! I love that you are falling more in love with your city too!


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