Monday, November 1, 2010

Persnickety Pages!

Today is big deal. Momentous, really, as far as the blog world goes - and not because it's my one year blogging birthday (more on that later this week!).

Today is special because I've known a little secret for a long, long time, and today the embargo is lifted on the news.  The old reporter in me still loves breaking a story and this story is big...

Persnickity Pages & More - a new, super-cute, super-creative, super-custom blog design site is being launched today!

If you wonder why I'm so excited, it's because my blog - this new look you've been seeing for a while - is one of PP's first works. Lucky me!

I got in on the action before business started to boom for my blog buddy Shannon...
If a Vol Fan endorses a Gator Fan, you know it's legit

who you likely know from The Webbisodes.

Typing and inserting pictures is about the extent of my savy when it comes to blogging so I needed professional help! Shannon was very gracious to give it. I love the fancy title font she gave me and how she fancied up my header, but most of all I love how much larger my pictures now appear, and how much wider she made my text box from the Blogger standard.

Shannon is SO easy to work with, and so quick to change any edit I have. Besides...with a daughter as cute and well-dressed as this...

how could you not trust her style?

BUT WAIT - there is MORE! You'll also find custom stationery design, and other pretty papers on her new site, too! {It's time to start thinking about Christmas presents...and I think stationery makes a great gift!}

Shannon is a former teacher who is now a stay-at-home mom, but a quick peak at her blog reveals she still has plenty of creativity and energy to give, and I know she'll be successfully channeling all her genious into adding some whimsy to the world. I love supporting women who give the energy and have the nerve to start a business, so I hope you will pop on over to Persnickity Pages right now and give Shannon your support!



Kate (Southern-Belle-Simple) said...

going to check her out right now!

Shannon said...

Wow, girl! Thanks so much for the super sweet shout out! I loved seeing Sweet Bean's picture! I had fun working with you and hope you'll keep me in mind for ANYthing...Thanks for letting me do this for you! I'd grabbing this post for my testimonials page! :)


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