Thursday, November 4, 2010

Flight Suit

There's often discussion in my office, and among my friends (and between Mr. W + me when I beg him to put on a button down instead of some t-shirt when we're traveling by air) about what one should wear when on a plane.

Fashioned Flyers
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With people bringing on their stinky Taco Bell and flight attendents stretching the contents in one can of Diet Coke to serve four passengers, these days air travel is far from glamourous. It's no wonder people want to roll in the airport wearing pajama pants!

Carrie Under-dressed
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Maybe because I didn't grow up collecting frequent flyer miles, I still think there's something a little fancy about traveling by plane. That's why I will typically choose fashion over comfort when I take to the sky. I think travelers should dress for the occassion - even in coach.

I'm not talking anything that requires Spanx here, I'm just saying I make a pointed attempt to look put together...

I hope he's not headed West - Don always loses his mind in California! 
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So, if say, I were to run into Jon Hamm at BWI and he wanted to get a picture with me, I wouldn't regret standing next to Don Draper wearing a UT Vols sweatshirt.

What's your travel style?


Casey said...

I ALWAYS struggle with this!! I want to be comfy, but look cute. Luckily, these days, comfort is pretty stylish....skinny jeans, flat boots, cami and boyfriend cardigan.

I have to admit though - If I looked half as cute as Carrie Underwood does in my pj's, I'd wear them too!!

Dee Stephens said...

I typically try and look nice as well. You NEVER know who you're going to meet at the airport!

Kate (Southern-Belle-Simple) said...

i think of travel as a sort of glam thing as well....always building it up in my head to much more than it is. i usually try to incorporate a swath of fabric (like a pashmina) and big sunglasses which add a hint of glamour to any outfit. also a good bag, not an old sorority duffle.

Shannon said...

This so reminds me of something my mom would say...and she taught me to always dress up! Needless to say I'm not wearing the finest duds everyday now that I'm home with GG, but when we travel or go out, I try to look my best. Loved your caption for Carrie...underdressed, very clever, P!

Patrick said...

This is my huge pet peeve! I always dress up to fly, usually a blazer. And I have been upgraded several times for it - from air, hotel and car rental. Then again, it is not hard to stand apart from a 15 year old girl in pink Hello Kitty sweat pants and flip flops smacking gum in your face carrying an over-sized body pillow onto a 45 minute express flight. Also, experts recommend you wear long sleeve pants and shirts and closed toe shoes on planes, as you are far more likely to survive a crash. Seems silly, I know, but that extra two seconds you gain from this is the difference of making it out the gaping hole in the side of the plane or turning into jet fuel fuel.

Anonymous said...

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Miss Janice said...

I always try to dress" up" a bit when I travel by plane. I can remember being so impressed with Flight Attendant uniforms...many years ago! Now even they look shabby!


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