Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Country Strong

I'm having a little party tonight....

because the CMA Music Awards will be on television.

This show is my favorite. More than the Oscars, I love it. I can't help myself - I'm from Tennessee. I'm a country music fan.

So, for as many years as I can recall, I've always watched this awards show with the Tennessee friends I've made since living in Washington, and in recent years, my friend Jocelyn has earned an invite...even though-slash-because like Carrie Underwood, she is native to Oklahoma.

Oh, and Mr. W will be there, even though he grew up in Maryland. He happens to be in love with Miranda Lambert, who I think will take home the most trophies tonight.

Even if you don't follow Nashville, you surely follow Hollywood? And if so, you know that Mrs. Mother GOOP herself is going to perform live the title track to her upcoming movie, Country Song, in which she stars with Tim McGraw as a struggling country star...or as Loretta Lynn would call her, a girl singer.

Will you watch? Will Reese, who presented once on the CMAs- in my most favorite outfit of hers to date - but never got to sing any Walk The Line diddies watch? Is she bitter?

I might be. The ground Reese grew up on was Nashville; not LA. Just saying. point is, I'm excited for all the hillbilly hoopla this night brings. If for some freak reason you're excited, too, I'd love to hear your predictions on who will win what....



Anne S said...

I'm really only familiar with the country songs you've sent to me (which came in very handy for LSU games!), but I'm excited for you and your big night!

formerself said...

I am attending your CMA shindig by proxy. M'kay?
I feel like I have a horse in this race. I don't. I don't even have a horse. But I have future potential maybe clients who may win an award tonight and then hire me because now they've hit the big-time. It could happen. And they might have horses. :)

Shannon said...

Was it all that you hoped it would me? Your party sounded great! Hope you enjoyed yourself!


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