Monday, October 25, 2010

Proof That We're Past Our Prime

This weekend, the Wives Club reunited for a girls night out in D.C. There was daytime shopping in Georgetown, and a leisurly dinner at Proof, a restaurant none of us had yet to try, but all of us enjoyed (especially the cheese course).

Our group - all 30 and over, more than half mothers and one with another baby on the way- should have used our years of wisdom at the end of dinner to just call it a night...or perhaps just order dessert at our quiet, comfortable table.

But we were in the city, afterall, and wanted to live it up. What would the Real Housewives do? So off we went to the top of the W hotel for drinks + dessert at P.O.V.

Sassy girls behind the rope

The velvet ropes that kept those who weren't on the list from even nearing the elevator should have been our first clue. Though we did not have on scantily clad clothes, we did have a reservation and eventually made it inside the club.

On the other side of the ropes, though, we were just out of place. 0ur insightful conversations on things like how to wear jeggings and where to buy the cheapest pregnancy tests could not continue over the base of the D.J. - to whom we were "seated" as closely as possible. Because there was no table - just a few trendy chairs and some flashing lights and lots of men in sweaters (think Andy from The Office) grinding around us to Party in the USA we couldn't even pass around the desserts we did order to share. At least there was Miley...and amusing people watching.  

The per-person minumum once inside the bar kept us there for one round where we shouted to each other about how we couldn't wait to get home and in to our pajamas for the comfy, slumber party portion of our girls' night. Then, like good tourists we shamelessly snapped some pictures and took in the rooftop views.

Sometimes it takes a peak at how the fabulous play to make one appreciate the simple life. And it takes seeing a picture of yourself with lipstick on your chin to accept...yep, that's how grannies roll.

We decided that our next big outing will be a chocolate candy making class in the 'burbs.  Stay tuned for pictures of lipstick AND chocolate on my face. Sigh.

Still, we had a really great time, and the nightcap at P.O.V. made it an especially monumental girls' night...



Casey said...

You definitely realize that you're getting older when you have to yell to carry on a conversation with the person sitting next to you and all it does is just annoy you! Regardless, looks like you guys had a great time!!

Dee Stephens said...

I hear you! I have felt like this some nights when out with girls too.
I'm more for cooking dinner with a bunch of girls, lots of wine and looking at photo albums!
WOW! i'm old :( LOL!
I guess it was too much partying in VEGAS in my 20's that did me in.

Anne S said...

Looks like such a fun night. Oh, how I long to fit into clothes and drink wine!!

Do jeggings = jean leggings? If so, I've found them to be an awesome alternative to the expected black leggings and tunic pregnancy look. I have ones by Hue in dark "denim" and black "denim" and just wear them under the belly. I plan to wear them when not KU also!

Katy said...

This was so funny! What a great post! :) Y'all obviously had fun!

jules said...

I used to love going out in DC. But now I frequently find myself wanting to go home on the rare occasion I do go out. But I'm ok with that! You ladies looked lovely and I'm glad you had a good time!


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