Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Meal That Started It All

Yesterday marked the anniversary of my first date with Mr. W.  You may have read the story of how we met, but I left out some less-than-storybook details.

Our first date was, per my suggestion, at ESPN Zone. Not kidding. 

photo credit: Flickr

I was trying to appear laid-back and totally That Girl who loves to grab beers and watch football. It's so important to be authentic when getting to know someone (HAAAAAAA), right?

So, while Kentucky battled LSU in a few overtimes (I bet Celebrate We Will remembers that game!) I ordered up a plate of sliders and the Dubs asked for a salad. I swear, I don't think he's ordered a salad as his main entree since. I still order sliders. Remember - authenticity.

After dinner, I went against every thing my mother had ever taught me about safey and invited Mr. W back to my house for a firepit*. We roasted marshmellows, and he told me about the time he was once detained at the Canadian border. I knew then...he was a keeper.

The ESPN Zone in D.C. is now closed, but happily, Mr. W and I are still in the game. Last night, to mark our dating anniversary, we threw some logs on the firepit. I made mini-burgers and a Caesar salad for dinner...

and over the meal that started it all, we relived the highpoints of the last three years, the biggest for me being that the man I met on the internet, despite giving the Canucks a little grief, did not murder me that night has always been a perfect gentleman to me.

If you're married, do you still celebrate dating anniversaries?

*I do not endorse inviting first dates home with you, no matter how you've met them. Nearly all of my online dates were secretly monitored by friends who were in the same places where the date and I were meeting. Just saying.



Anonymous said...

You are too cute! I will have to get the story about D and his detainment from you one of these days... :)

Patrick said...

You are just the Worst!

Kate (Southern-Belle-Simple) said...

my dating anniversary is 4-20....and apparently a LOT of other people celebrate that day for many reasons (bizarre)....4-20-11 will be my SEVENTH dating this point, i'm ready to start celebrating with wedding bells! ;) xoxo


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