Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Best Blog You're Not Reading

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This is a bold statement, I know, but I’m going to make it: I feel like if C.S. Lewis was rocking in 2010, Donald Miller is the only religious writer he’d care to read. Or, at least Miller would be his favorite.

If you aren’t reading Donald Miller's blog (or his books) you should be.

Unlike most bloggers, myself included, Donald Miller won’t tell you about his weekend or what kind of earrings he wears. He won’t tell you about his new Tory Burch shoes, his new designer handbag or share a recipe he makes in his Le Creuset dutch oven. You won’t find pictures of his cute children (or shamless plugs to get you to vote for his friend's kid in a contest) either.

You will, however, find someone who I think has the most realistic approach to modern day Christianity and religion. He will write candidly about human nature and his own struggles. He will make you think, I’ve felt like that before! …and then he’ll make you wonder, Why can’t I put my feelings into words so well???

I should have written a post on how much I love Miller’s last book, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, because I did love it. Like, as soon as I finished the final page, I started reading again it. I should have passed it around for my friends to borrow, but I didn’t because I made too many personal notes and scribbles that would have revealed too much about my own inner-crazies. I didn’t write about how wonderful a story it is on embracing life, because whenever I start to write about "embracing life", I just sound cliché and insincere. Cue the country music. So…I never posted about it.

Miller writes unapologetically about how he leans on Christ, but he’s not at all preachy or sappy or pious. He is none of the things that turn off even Believers to religion. He avoids all the over-used Christian vernacular you probably A) know if you’re active in a church and/or B) use, as I have, if you’re trying to sound like a good Christian.

I follow Donald Miller on Twitter but don't check his blog as often I should. When I read this post I thought to myself…this is the kind of stuff I need to read every day.

Don’t get me wrong – I love my home décor and party planning blogs and my peaks into the world of glam women I don’t even know...and I like to write about totally fluffy topics, too. But, if it’s substance you’re looking for in blogland…follow Donald Miller.


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