Thursday, August 5, 2010

Real Housewives DC Has My Vote!

I have never watched a full episode of Real Housewives of New York or New Jersey. As a result, and because I have so many brain cells on reserve,  I am totally going to indulge in watching Real Housewives of DC (before leaving tomorrow to visit my favorite  Real Housewife of Chattanooga!!!!)

photo credit: Buddy TV

Did you see these women on The View? On Kathy Lee and Hoda? From all the sneak peaks of these characters and the show, all I can say aint C-SPAN.

Let freedom ring. Tonight at 10!


Kate (Southern-Belle-Simple) said...

um....excuse me? you're going to be in the volunteer state? and this is the first i've heard of it? i see how it is. tee hee.

Anne S said...

I promised Michael no more housewives. It got really bad for a while... but DC is totally relevant, and if your reviews are good, I may have to indulge!


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