Friday, July 9, 2010

Slight Obsessions

1. Paperless Post. Paperless Post puts Evite to shame. I just discovered this gem of an online invitation site recently. It's not totally free like Evite, but it's very cheap, super, super cute and allows you to pretend you're fulfilling your dream of working for Hallmark Cards.  If you're having a party that doesn't demand printed invites or if you want to make the world more green, Paperless Post is the way to go! It arrives in your guests' inbox in its own cute envelope (you can even choose a matching liner)

and then with a click, out comes an adorable invitation....

I'm totally preoccupied with this site. I love it. And, like Evite, you can easily monitor your RSVPs.

2. I'm not a big cereal eater, never have been. Lately, though, I've been munching on Chocolate Cheerios. I measure out one serving and crunch on them, sans milk, as an after lunch sweet or a later afternoon snack {2 WW points}.

3. It may be summer, but I can't stop thinking about Fall.  On Monday, my country music boyfriend Kenny Chesney will release a new single, The Boys of Fall.  It's a song about high school football. This song precedes a documentary KC is producing on the same topic which is due out later this year. Oh, lawd.  Though I live in the sprawling burbs, and dwelled many years in a city, in my heart I'm a one-stop-light kind of girl. Country music + high school football = A Happy Place for me.  That Guy who who graduated in '92 and still wears his letter jacket to watch his alma mater play every Friday and I may be the only people excited about it. I don't care...I sort of can't wait.

4. The Good Wife
I missed this show during the regular season, but I'm loving it -  it's like Ally McBeal meets Law & Order! I'm not the only one; yesterday The Good Wife received an Emmy nom!

Happy Friday!


Shannon said...

Hmmm, do I see chocolate Cheerios in GG's future?! Yes!!!!

Haven't seen an episode of the Good Wife but everyone is always saying how great it is.

Those evites are so stinkin' adorable! I've got to check out this site. Happy Friday!

Kate said...

so is it tacky if i use e-vites for my wedding invitations? no, i'm kidding...but those are adorable! heck, i'm not even engaged, but you know we southern gals are always planning ahead.

as for the chocolate cheerios, i had to stop buying them because i couldn't stop myself from eating bowl after bowl! have a fab weekend lady!

Anne S said...

As an avid cereal lover, I also suggest the Special K chocolate variety, although you will likely only pick out the chocolate pieces and leave the corn flakes behind. But the little chocolate pieces are amazing.

Anonymous said...

Those paperless invitations are SO CUTE and funny. While paper invitations will always be the most classic, some of the new e-vites coming out totally break the mold of paperless invites being tacky and tasteless. I love them!


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