Friday, July 23, 2010

Elle Woods Would Be Proud of The Nanny

It's often said that D.C. is just "Hollywood for ugly people".

Gigi = Pretty people.

Well, I don't know about that.

I do know that when it comes time to talk about make-up and laws that effect it, policy makers know bringing in celebrities will help their cause. That happened today at an event hosted by The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

Snce my co-worker Gigi + I never miss a chance to see a famous person in-person thought it would be wise, considering our portfolio of policy issues involve healthcare and agriculture, off we went, with my camera discreetly tucked in my grown-up Trapper Keeper...

to learn about the dangers of toxins in cosmetics...and to meet Fran Drescher.

You know, The Nanny!

"OMG -she is my style star" - an Intern

Fran was in town to share her story of cancer survial, and promote her mission of protecting everyone from harmful chemicals, including those found in some  make-ups, shampoos, lotions, and nail polish.

Fran must not drink out of plastic bottles...she brought her own in glass

I've been to many briefings where a celebrity sat on the panel just to toss some glamour to an issue. They read from a script and proved to be nothing more than just a face.

That was NOT Fran Drescher. This lady knew her stuff. She was informed, passionate, and non-partisan....and just seemed like a nice person.

I sort of believe what she's selling because she has AMAZING skin and hands - like if this whole Emmy-nominated actress, best-selling author thing doesn't work out for her, she could be a hand model say for....OPI...a company that I learned was a "good guy" among those that manufacture beauty. 

Did you know that most women use 12 personal care products every day?? Before I even step out of the shower I've used five products on my hair and skin. I'll spare you the gloom + doom about what some scientists say your favorite conditioner could be doing to your future children, but should you want to learn more for yourself, go here....


Kate (Southern-Belle-Simple) said...

ok so for awhile now, i've been checking out my products on the site and pretty much all of them are awful for me. i've slowly started switching to greener things, but i couldn't afford to just up and throw everything away and buy new. it does make you think though....and i'm jealous that you got to see nanny fran! love her! apparently kiss my face is a good brand and not too expensive for some things. just fyi. xoxo blog twin out.

Shannon said...

So funny, just read Gigi's post on this...y'all are just too cute! Are you going to tune into Bravo's Real Housewives of DC in August? Thought of you when I saw the promo...


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