Wednesday, June 2, 2010

SATC Too Trite, Too Long

I think Carrie Bradshaw Preston would say it like this:

What was billed to be the most cosmopolitan girls' night of the year went from pour.....

to bore.

I wanted to love Sex and the City 2 more than any sequal since Bridget Jones' Diary. I just didn't - for a few reasons.  I don't want to ruin it for those of you who haven't yet seen it, or go all bitter Miranda on those of you who saw it and thought it was fabulous, but I share almost completely the thoughts of Lainey Gossip.

My time with these ladies was fabulous...

My time with these ladies, however...
was just ok.

I appreciated a few compelling scenes in the movie, especially when Charlotte and Miranda get real about being mothers - that was classic Sex and the City.  Still,  for the most part.......I was whelmed. Underwhelmed at times, even, but mostly I was just whelmed. Or maybe I'm stuffy and unfun, or expect movies to entertain me beyond empty laughs. I know the latter is true.  There was a scene or two when the bulk of the audience was laughing, sincerely and hysterically, and I would look at Jenni, then Jocelyn and we'd all mouth, "Terrible".

Smiling pre-show...

There were mixed reviews from our group - some of my friends really loved it - but I don't think most of the theater felt very Carried Away. Except Josh...he was a big fan.

No champagne corks popped during the two and a half hours of film (nope, not even ours; that's how I really knew it wasn't good) and when the credits rolled, the applause was weak. Weak, at best.

This is the opposite reaction I had from the first movie, which I admit I saw three times in the theater, and own. And watch every time it is on HBO.  I thought it captured the life women create around their friends so perfectly. Like the series, there were moments captured in the first film that resonated to me in my own life. This movie, notsomuch...and I've even ridden a camel in the desert.

Just not on perfectly raked sand, in Chanel.

Oh, the fashion. The fashion remains a show of its own, and does not dissapoint. This time there is even home decor to remind us we'll never be as fabulous as Carrie. Sadly, there are lots of other reasons highlighted to remind us why we probably never actually want to be....

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Miss Janice said...

I totally agree with you. I wanted to LOVE it so bad. They should have stayed in NYC where they belong:) I'm still wanting SATC3 and hope this doesn't ruin the chances of it happening!


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