Monday, June 28, 2010

The Maine Event

This weekend, Dan + I joined a big group of friends for some sunny, seaside days and "crisp New England nights" when we traveled to Maine to celebrate the wedding of Eric and Megan.

The weekend can be summed up in three little words:
lobster - leisure - love

and in the interest of full disclosure, I should probably make that four words....
{but we'll just roll that into leisure}

Shannon's fave - Arnold Palmers w/ a bogie!

Our immediate travel family included Kim and Dave...

and Shannon and Bill....

The six of us flew into New Hampshire, piled into a big Suburban and met up with the rest of the crew for a stay at the York Harbor Inn.

That's how the Triple-L Trip began. Here's how it breaks down:


We ate lobster in all its fantastic forms....rolled, baked, stuffed & chowdered!

Some of us even did it looking fabulous. As a Stella & Dot stylist, Kim is famous for her accessories. Here she shows you how to do the most with a bucket and a bib.


This group, which comes from Mr W's side, is made up of a high school, college and post-college friends and their wives.
The groom with his friends on the night before the wedding

Only four of the couples in the big group are childless. This was a kid-free weekend, so you can imagine how quickly the sippie cups were traded for martini glasses....

3 hot mamas!

Maine is really pretty, and the weather there was SO pleasant - a welcome relief from the 100+ temps we've hosted here!

While we weren't full-on Grizwald about it, we did take in some sights...

A dock bar (with a 3 drink maximum - huh?? )......

The Nubble Lighthouse....

and before heading home we checked off two items from the 1,000 Places You Should See Before You Die list (US Edition).....a visit to the Portsmouth Brewery

 and ice cream at Annabelle's in Portsmouth, New Hamsphire.

The real reason for the trip was of course....


Tomorrow I will tell you all about the perfect, super-cute nupts!


Kate said...

you looked absolutely gorgeous! and i know you must have squealed with delight over those cocktail napkins....unless you created them yourself! which wouldn't surprise me! xoxo missed your posts lady!

Whitney and the Preppy Puppy said...

Love the picture of you and Mr. W in front of the lighthouse.


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