Friday, July 30, 2010

The Friends You Marry Into

Both Mr. W and I are lucky to have a lot of friends. It was one of the things we instantly had in common when we met. As I was getting to know him I loved very much how much he valued and protected those relationships.  Because of that, I knew he'd respect and appreciate all of my friends. He did, and still does.

These eight guys are especially fascinating to me. Some of them are childhood friends. Some of them are fraternity brothers. All of them, as adults, have become each others' best men, groomsmen...godfathers to children. This is, of course, between friendly competitions of fantasy sports leagues (that involve extensive prize dollars and coveted trophies), golf cups that require custom polos and a now {thankfully!} defunk drinking game league where each of these fine men had his own jersey.

I write about this because I love it when people do the extra special to keep connected.  Careers, moves, marriages and families have certainly came between each of these guys but I can't say I know a group of women who are as close-knit after so many years.  I just find the dynamics of this friendship pretty interesting. From afar, it's fun to watch.  I'm lucky to have married into such an amusing group.

I'm also impressed because these guys really married up! This Wives Club is one I'm becoming more and more happy to be part of...

The Wives are gathering tonight - without the boys, without the babies - for an old fashioned slumber party...after an evening at a winery. We do not have custom jerseys, but I did feed my obsession and ordered some fun custom napkins. I'm excited!

Happy Friday, y'all!

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